Bu-cee's Beaver Nuggets named best snack in Texas

The Buc-ee's beaver is practically a patron saint of Texas, and his Beaver Nuggets are lauded by countless road trippers. Now, these nuggets have been named the best snack in the state, according to Food & Wine.

The distinction comes from the publication's list of best snacks in every state. Food & Wine said it focused on snacks "able to ship without a lot of effort" that "paint a broad picture of American food culture, and to celebrate the considerable breadth and diversity of what's on offer." That means no potato chips as picks for several states.

For those who have yet to experience a Buc-ee's gas station, Beaver Nuggets are crunchy, puffy corn pop bites covered in brown sugar caramel. Food & Wine said they are "deliciously evil" and "not for the faint-of-teeth."

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Food & Wine also took time to acknowledge the growing empire of Buc-ee's that "seems to be opening locations at nearly half" of Texas highway exits.

What are the best snacks from other states?

For nearby Oklahoma, Food & Wine named fried pies as the best snack. In Louisiana, pralines took the title, and in Arkansas, cured venison earned the honor.

Other best snacks included:

  • Chocolate for California

  • Orange juice for Florida

  • Edibles for Colorado

  • Pecans for Georgia

  • Kool-Aid pickles for Mississippi

  • Chips and salsa for Nevada

  • Rainbow cookies for New York

  • Pretzels for Pennsylvania

  • Boiled peanuts for South Carolina

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This article originally appeared on Austin American-Statesman: Bu-cee's Beaver Nuggets named best snack in Texas