Bryson DeChambeau swung so hard he broke his driver at the PGA Championship

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Chris Cwik
·2 min read
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Maybe Bryson DeChambeau got too strong while golf was on hiatus. DeChambeau — whose body transformation has been the talk of golf — actually broke his driver on a swing during the PGA Championship on Thursday.

The driver broke as DeChambeau, 26, was leaning on it to pick up his tee. DeChambeau didn’t lean on it too hard, so it’s likely the driver was weakened by his mighty swing.

Here’s that swing, in case you want to see it:

And here’s the moment the driver broke apart.

Bryson DeChambeau spent quarantine getting jacked

Of course this particular incident happened with DeChambeau, who bulked in a major way as golf was on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. DeChambeau gained 50 pounds, including 20 pounds of muscle in less than a year.

That’s led to DeChambeau smashing drives even farther than before.

That’s also led to some steroid accusations, which his trainer shot down, saying it was a three-year process that led to DeChambeau getting to this stage. DeChambeau has never failed a PGA drug test.

Bryson DeChambeau is on fire since his return

The added bulk has turned DeChambeau into a force on the golf course. Upon returning from hiatus, DeChambeau has placed in the top-10 at four events. In the rare instance where he’s struggled, DeChambeau has at least made things entertaining.

If he can overcome his driver breaking during play, DeChambeau could be looking at yet another strong finish at the PGA Championship.

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