Bryce Young: I’ve been this size my whole life

Bryce Young measures up quite well with many of the top quarterback prospects in recent memory. But it’s his literal measurements that may give teams some pause.

The University of Alabama star spoke with reporters early Friday morning at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine. Young, who may barely be six-feet tall and a smidge under 200 pounds, was—of course—asked about his size.

“I’ve been this size, respectfully, my whole life,” Young said with a smile. “I know who I am. I know what I can do. For me, I think it’s fair. Everyone can speculate and ask whatever questions are necessary. But I’m going to continue to control what I can control, continue to keep working my hardest to put me in position. I’m confident in myself. I know what I can do.”

Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich certainly knows what he can do. Reich seemed smitten when talking about Young, who they met with in Indianapolis earlier this week.

“Highly intelligent, very fast processor, very poised, accurate passer, playmaker and he checks a lot of boxes,” Reich said on Wednesday. “No moment’s too big for him. Very, very good player. He seems like a great young man. Very impressive.”

General manager Scott Fitterer was on the same page as Reich in an interview for The Clubhouse with Kyle Bailey later that day. He even said Young had a bit more to him than he previously believed.

“So I will say that he was a little bit bigger in person than I thought he would be,” Fitterer stated. “But I’ll tell you what—sitting down with him, he was so poised and just so in control. And the way he talks football, it was so fluid coming out of his mouth. Coaches couldn’t even get the question out and he’s already answering, or he went on to answer before they even asked the question because he understands the game so much.”

So, will size matter? Maybe not if you’re as special as Young.

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