Bryce Young is just over 5-10 and 204 pounds

The biggest question hanging over former Alabama quarterback Bryce Young heading into the Scouting Combine didn’t have anything to do with how he throws the ball or reads defenses.

It had to do with Young’s size and the official measurements are now in. Young was listed by Alabama as being 6 feet tall and weighing 194 pounds, but the readings in Indianapolis are a little bit different on both fronts.

Young was measured at 5-10 and 1/8 of an inch and 204 pounds on Saturday morning. That’s the same as Kyler Murray‘s height from his Combine measurement and slightly shorter than Russell Wilson, although Wilson weighed the same and Murray was three pounds heavier. It’s also right in the range of where Young was expected to wind up once the measurements were taken.

Young’s size didn’t stop him from thriving at Alabama and it hasn’t stopped most people from projecting him to be one of the first players to be drafted in April, so it seems unlikely that confirmation of his stature is going to have much of an impact on his draft status.

Bryce Young is just over 5-10 and 204 pounds originally appeared on Pro Football Talk