Bryce Young asked if another play-calling switch will affect him

At Week 11 of the 2023 season, the Carolina Panthers now have twice as many switches at the offensive play-caller position than they do wins. So, how is their rookie quarterback going to deal with?

Bryce Young was asked about Wednesday’s big announcement, one in which head coach Frank Reich confirmed that he’ll be reclaiming play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown. He said Reich told players that he believes it’s the best decision for everyone moving forward.

“He explained to everyone, again, just felt like it was what was best,” Young said. “And I think it’s a result of everything. We do everything as a team, as a unit, specifically, offensively. So it’s all of us. Again, it was what he felt like was best, what we felt like was right for the time being and I think it’s just a result of a lot of things. But ultimately, again, it’s what’s just best for the team. There’s no one that’s at fault. It was the call that Coach made and we have his back with it.”

Carolina enters the week 30th in total offense and 29th in scoring. Brown’s run leading the charge didn’t do much to affect those numbers, at least positively, as the Panthers scored just two offensive touchdowns over his three games at the helm.

Young, who has struggled himself, was then asked if yet another switch will bother his game.

“It doesn’t hinder me, it doesn’t affect my ability,” he replied. “It’s the same system. You hear a different voice, but you’re calling the same plays. Coach Reich and TB—from the beginning, all the way through—have always both have a big hand in moding the game plan, moding the offense and it’s a combination of stuff and bringing things together. It’s still that.”

Young is currently averaging 195.0 passing yards per game with eight touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire