Bryce Harper playing like an MVP in May

Christopher Crawford highlights Bryce Harper's terrific start to May but also cautions managers about his lingering injury.

Video Transcript

Bryce Harper did not have what we would call a Bryce Harper month of April. The reigning MVP was hitting just 253 with a 789 OPS in the month, and some fantasy managers had to be wondering if it was a mistake to use a first round pick to add him to their lineup. Well, May has shown that any worries were a mistake and silly and a silly mistake. In his first dozen games, Harper is slashing 396, 434, 917, blasted six homers, and stolen three bases while only striking out nine times.

With that torrid run, the 29-year-old is now in the 90th percentile or better in seven baseball Savant categories, including exit velocity, hard hit percentage, barrel percentage and expected slugging. There is some reason to be concerned about Harper however. It was revealed that he has a partially torn ACL in his right elbow, and it's going to keep him at DHS for the foreseeable future. Still, as long as Harper is on the diamond, he's among the best in the sport, and we could be looking at a third MVP for his trophy case.