Bryce Harper is hanging with Kris Bryant at a Vegas Golden Knights game, so feel free to speculate wildly

Vinnie Duber
NBC Sports Chicago

Another social-media post featuring Bryce Harper, another round of frenzied internet speculation that he'll one day be a Chicago Cub.

Harper, scheduled for free agency after the upcoming 2018 season, is batting 1.000 when it comes to getting fans to read into each and every move he makes, hoping that everything he does has some sort of hidden clue about where he wants to sign his next gargantuan contract.

And of course Cubs fans are hoping it all means he's coming to the North Side.

His most recent activity? Hanging with Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant at Tuesday night's Vegas Golden Knights game.

Of course, this isn't that unusual. After all, both All Stars are Las Vegas natives. It makes total sense they'd be supporting the new team in town.

But it also makes total sense, in the age of Twitter speculation, that Cubs fans would see that picture and start wishing that Bryant will spend the evening pitching Harper on why he should come to Chicago.

We're not going to get any sort of resolution to all this until next offseason. So until then, speculate away.

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