Bryce Harper, Derek Jeter, brawls and my dreams for baseball in 2018

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The time for season predictions in baseball is behind us. The MLB season is a whole week old at this point, so instead of predictions, all we can have are hopes and dreams. Like, because I *predicted* the Houston Astros will win the World Series this year, I *hope* they don’t make me look like a moron.

Or like more of a moron than usual.

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But those aren’t the hopes and dreams I’m talking about on my “Open Mike” video series this week. (Oh, hi, welcome to Season Three by the way, go binge the past seasons if you’re behind.)

(AP/Yahoo Sports)
(AP/Yahoo Sports)

As I pondered my hopes and dreams for 2018, I came back to a few things — bunts, brawls and Bryce. Oh wait, I dreamed about Derek Jeter too. But that just throws off the alliteration.

Nonetheless, watch the video above and hope like I do that MLB in 2018 turns into “Major League 2” and Derek Jeter activates himself. That’s what the game really needs.

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