Is Bryce Harper the best option for the Cubs in 2019?

Vince Lovergine
NBC Sports Chicago

The biggest question of this MLB offseason is where Bryce Harper and Manny Machado land in free agency.

The Cubs have been linked to Harper and Machado as possible candidates to wear the red and blue pinstripes, but one anonymous National League executive told Robert Murray of FRS that Harper isn't worth his value.

"He's simply overrated," the executive texted. "The good ain't worth the bad . . . Cares about himself more than the team. If I was in charge and had money, my team would not pursue him . . . If he gets more than 10-years, $300 million, I'd be surprised. I would not give him 10 years period and certainly not at that AAV. He's just not worth it. He's a selfish, losing player."

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It's been rumored that both of these superstars could be worth as much as $400 million, but the question is will the Cubs be willing to pay either one of these superstars that big contract?

Right now, Harper leads the National league in homeruns with 19 and has 43 RBI's on the campaign, compared to Machado standing at 18 homeruns, but Machado is second in MLB with 50 RBI's.

In 2012, Harper's rookie year, his career numbers today are as such: AVG .281, 169 HR, 464 RBI's, 503 BB, and 727 SO, 831 GP.

For Machado, his rookie season was also in 2012, and his numbers are similar: AVG .282, 156 HR, 456 RBI's, 255 BB, 605 SO, 828 GP.

Time will only tell whether the Cubs make a big splash in free agency this summer between Harper and Machado.

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