Bryant Young delivers emotional message to his son Colby, who died of cancer, during Hall of Fame speech

On a day full of memories for some of the best NFL players of all time, San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Bryant Young delivered the moment fans will never forget. Young dedicated a portion of his Hall of Fame speech to his son Colby, who died of cancer in 2016.

Young began the heartfelt and emotional message by stating he has mentioned all but one of his children. He then shared Colby's story and explained why remembering Colby was so important on the day Young was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Young said Colby started experiencing headaches at age 13. Doctors discovered and removed a tumor, which was cancerous. Young talked about Colby's heart and determination after that surgery. Colby's cancer returned a year later. He died in Oct. 2016.

Young said Colby wanted to know if he would be remembered after he died. Young said the family "assured Colby we would keep his memory alive and continue speaking his name." Young then directly addressed Colby. Breaking into tears, Young said, "Colby, you live on in our hearts. We will always speak your name."

Fans clapped and gave Young a standing ovation after he delivered that message.

8 inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday

Young was one of six players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday in Canton, Ohio. Tony Boselli, Cliff Branch, LeRoy Butler, Sam Mills and Richard Seymour were the other five players to make it into the Hall. Boselli became the first member of the Jacksonville Jaguars to receive the honor.

Seymour, a long-time member of the New England Patriots, found a way to poke fun at Tom Brady during his speech.

St. Louis Rams coach Dick Vermeil and long-time NFL official Art McNally were also inducted Saturday. Vermeil immediately turned the spotlight on his players when given the opportunity to speak in front of the crowd.

Vermeil also shared a special moment with Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, who gave Vermeil the news he would be a Hall of Famer.

Bryant Young at the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony.
Bryant Young spoke about his son Colby, who died of cancer at 15, at the Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) (Nick Cammett via Getty Images)