Brad Marchand whiffs on all-time terrible shootout attempt

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Brad Marchand really messed it all up. (NBC Sports)
Brad Marchand really messed it all up. (NBC Sports)

It’s not often you can pinpoint a loss to an exact moment in time, but Brad Marchand’s shootout whiff is about as close as you can get.

With the Bruins going second in the post-OT contest after the five-minute 3v3 overtime period solved nothing, Marchand had to score on his attempt to keep the game going for Boston.

Unfortunately for the Bruins, but hilariously for everybody else, the pressure was too much for him and he simply over-skated the puck.

By crossing the red line and barely touching the puck as he skated by, Marchand’s attempt was a fail before it even began and was ruled no-goal, subsequently ending the game in the Flyers’ favor.

A moment that will live on in infamy.

Despite the Bruins carrying a 5-2 lead in the second period, the Flyers were able to mount a slow comeback through the second half of the game and eventually knotted the contest at five.

After all was said and done, Flyers forward and NHL all-star Travis Konecny was the sole goal-scorer during the shootout after nine total attempts. Brad Marchand stepped up to centre ice and was able to work his whiff magic from there.

With this shootout victory the Flyers are now 24-16-6 on the season and currently sit in the second wild card position.

Even with the single point sacrificed, Boston still sits atop the Atlantic Division with a 27-8-12 record. Marchand has scored 20 goals, 63 points, and one overskated puck, through 47 games this season.

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