Bruins' Brad Marchand pies himself in the face for the Gastroparesis challenge

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Bijan Todd
·1 min read
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See Brad Marchand take a pie to the face—for a good cause originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Brad Marchand? With a pie on his face? Caps fans are gonna love it!

The oft-despised Boston Bruin took to Instagram on Friday to shove a shaving cream pie in his own face—but he did it for a very noble cause.

The #GPPieFace Challenge was initially thought up by a man named Andrew Belliveau back in 2017, to raise awareness for his condition known as Gastroparesis. The condition, which is essentially partial paralysis of the stomach, damages nerves and muscle function, and digestion and is extremely debilitating.

On the Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge Facebook page, Belliveau wrote, “It has always been my life’s dream for my story to be told because I love inspiring people. I want to show people who have my conditions that there is hope, and also raise awareness for my conditions as not many people have ever heard about them because they are so rare.”

So, the challenge—in which people, quite literally, pie themselves in the face—went viral. Just two hours after Marchand posted the video to his Instagram page, it garnered over 34,000 views.

Marchand took part to raise awareness and to donate funds to the cause. Well done Brad!  

To learn more about Gastroparesis and how to donate, go to

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-129+1.5O 5.5
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