Bruce Pearl might be getting a call from the NCAA after revealing the lock of the tournament

With a 164-point over/under, Friday's Auburn-UNC game has by far the highest total of all the Sweet 16 matchups. But if you make just one bet this week (LOL one bet), you should wager on that over to hit. Why? Because we've got some vital inside info. From Auburn's Bruce Pearl himself.

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That's right, the Tigers coach let quite the cat out of the bag on ESPN Sportscenter with Scott Van Pelt on Monday night. When Pearl was asked about the meeting of two up-tempo teams, he blurted out, "I would just take the over, that's all I'm going to say." The response drew a big laugh from Van Pelt—a man who loves gambling talk more than Jim Nantz loves Masters promos—and we'd be surprised if it didn't draw a call from the NCAA as well. Check out the amusing (and informative) clip:

We don't think Pearl was purposely advocating gambling or giving away any state secrets; and yes, Vegas has carefully factored both teams' style of play into that number. But Bruce also wasn't kidding about the way he sees the game turning out between fifth-seeded Auburn and the top-seeded Tarheels, who are five-point favorites. And we kind of love him for that. So load up on that over before the line moves!

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See the video.