Bruce Arians assembles the NFL’s biggest coaching staff

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has lots and lots of assistants in his return to the sidelines.

Arians, hired this year to take over in Tampa Bay, has hired a whopping 28 assistant coaches. Peter King writes in Football Morning in America that he believes the Buccaneers have set an NFL record for the biggest staff.

The latest hire was former NFL side judge Larry Rose, who will be the officiating consultant, advising Arians on challenges during games and helping players and coaches understand the rules during practices.

Arians has put together what appears to be the most diverse staff in NFL history, with 11 black assistant coaches (including the four highest-ranking assistants), and two female assistant coaches.

A big coaching staff can be helpful during training camp, with 90 players on the roster: Instead of having a lot of players stand around while coaches run drills, Arians plans to split up his team into small enough groups that everyone can be practicing at once, with coaches overseeing individual groups. It’s a lot easier to oversee 90 players when you have 28 coaches than when you have 15.

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