Browns WR Jerry Jeudy thankful following three-year extension

The Cleveland Browns further proved their belief in new wide receiver Jerry Jeudy on Tuesday, signing him to a massive three-year extension. It is clear that Andrew Berry has been trying to get Jeudy to Cleveland for a while, and now that he is here, they don’t want to let him leave anytime soon.

This extension reminds you of the David Njoku contract in which the team isn’t paying Jeudy for what he’s done but what they think he will do moving forward. After the extension, the new Brown took to social media to express his gratitude and thankfulness.

Not all the contract details have been released yet, but the Browns wouldn’t have committed this much money to Jeudy without a plan for him on the field. Some are saying it’s a horrible contract and an overpay, and in the end, we have no clue if it is until he gets on the field. Remember, most people said the same thing about the David Njoku deal when it was first announced. Ultimately, if Jeudy plays up to his talent level, this contract will greatly benefit Cleveland.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire