Browns won’t play international game in 2024 after being in contention for Brazil, London

After the Cleveland Browns had a shot to go to either Brazil in Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles or on a trip over the pond to London, it turns out they will be staying close to home for the entire season.

It was released a while ago that the Green Bay Packers were awarded the game in Brazil against the Eagles, but the NFL has now announced all of their international games for the upcoming season, and the Browns were not a part of any of them.

The number of primetime games, however, has not been released yet. The Browns have the chance to rack up a few of them, however, they will not be playing on Christmas Day again this year as those games have been announced. Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens will be representing the AFC North on December 25 instead.

Now, we wait until 8 PM on Wednesday to get the full details of Cleveland’s schedule as they trek back to the playoffs.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire