Browns can’t hear Myles Harden in draft day call as his family erupts

As they do with every pick, the Cleveland Browns gave South Dakota cornerback Myles Harden a call to let him know they were taking him off the board in the 2024 NFL draft.

Except this time they hardly had the time to talk to him.

Upon hearing that Harden was getting drafted by the Browns, his family immediately erupted in the background. So much so, that the Browns eventually told Harden they would call him back after the moment had set in for him and his family.

First, it was head coach Kevin Stefanski who could not get a word into Harden due to the noise in the background, then it was J.W. Johnson of the ownership group who had a hard time getting Harden to hear anything due to the noise in the background.

The Browns view Harden as a nickel with safety versatility as he heads from the FCS level to the NFL.

You can find the video here.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire