Browns raise season-ticket prices for 2024

The Factory of Sadness is becoming a golden goose.

With the Browns on the upswing, ticket prices are going up for 2024. From George M. Thomas of the Akron Beacon-Journal (via Sports Business Journal), season-ticket prices in Cleveland will increase.

It starts with a $5 bump at the low end, with $60 per game seats moving to $65. Most tickets will increase by no more than $20 per game.

It's an issue of supply and demand, and in Cleveland of late the demand exceeds the supply — to the tune of an 8,000-person waiting list to buy season tickets to see the Browns.

They shouldn't need to dip into the waiting list this year, given that the Browns made the playoffs in 2023 and seemingly have a bright future. At one point last year, they seemed to be good enough to make a serious run at a Super Bowl berth.