Browns officially release new helmet featuring RB Nick Chubb

It’s official. The Cleveland Browns have brought back the white facemasks. Used to show off the new (old) look? Running back Nick Chubb.

It has been leaked twice in the past two days, and now the Browns have released an official hype video around their new helmets. Bringing back the white facemasks for the first time since 2006, the Browns continue to return to tradition following their tumultuous uniform botch in 2014.

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Along with the white facemasks, the Browns are bringing back the gloss finish to the helmet as well. In 2014, the Browns switched to a matte orange finish, but that has now been retired along with the brown facemasks.

Using Chubb is a great option for the release as well after a full offseason of speculation that their star running back could be a cap casualty. It’s safe to say that Chubb is still in their plans for the future as well after using him in their release video.

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