Browns now in danger of losing OL coach Bill Callahan to Titans

The Tennessee Titans have a new head coach, and it’s the son of Bill Callahan, the offensive line coach of the Cleveland Browns.

It has not been a secret that Callahan would like to coach with his son. Bill was open to joining the Cincinnati Bengals’ staff, where Brian was the offensive coordinator. However, head coach Zach Taylor vetoed that move. Now that Brian Callahan can hire his own staff, is the prized possession on Cleveland’s staff in danger of leaving just one year after signing a contract extension with the Browns?

General manager Andrew Berry was asked about the possibility in his press conference, and would not go into any details as the Browns will cross that bridge when it comes.

Two options stand out if Callahan does decide to join his son’s staff. Assistant offensive line coach Scott Peters, known for his technique in mixed martial arts, could step up and take over the role.

However, after re-assigning Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks have allowed their staff to look for other jobs. The Browns interviewed their offensive line coach Andy Dickerson for their offensive coordinator opening. There is reason to believe that the meeting could have been about more than just their vacancy at offensive coordinator.

At this point, however, only time will tell if Callahan is off to Nashville.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire