Browns largely mum on Dez Bryant

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Free-agent receiver Dez Bryant visited the Browns on Thursday, stuck around until Friday, and then left without a contract. After Friday night’s home game against the Bills, current Browns employees didn’t have all that much to say about the guy who could be the newest one.

“I think it was a good visit,” coach Hue Jackson said. “At the same time, he is not on our team so I am going to worry about the guys who are here and coach the group that is here.”

It’s unclear what transpired when Bryant visited. It is clear that he didn’t meet with either of the team’s top two quarterbacks.

“No, I did not [spend time with him],” Tyrod Taylor told reporters, matching what Baker Mayfield said separately. “By the time that we finished up for the day, we had a break and I believe that he was meeting with the coaches and Mr. Dorsey during our break time. By the time that we got to the hotel, I believe that they were somewhere else. I did not spend any time [with him].”

Taylor said the two have texted but not talked.

“I would love to and see where his mind is,” Taylor said.

So, Tyrod, is Dez a little vague in his texts?

“No comment,” Taylor said with a laugh.

So why isn’t Dez a Brown? He may still be waiting for a better team. He also may be waiting for a better offer. Due to earn in the low eight figures before being cut by the Cowboys, Dez could be looking at something in the low seven figures from the Browns. And he may not be willing to sign up and play for that.

His options, given the apparent absence of any other interested teams at this point, are limited. He can wait for an injury to shake up a depth chart. Or he can do the best deal he can right now.

Either way, the chances of Dez making a major impact with a new team continue to shrink, because the train already is chugging away from the station and he’s going to have a hard time catching up to it.

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