Browns: Greg Newsome II’s fifth-year option pricetag set with decision looming

The Cleveland Browns have a big decision on former first round cornerback Greg Newsome II and his fifth-year option by May.

With the new NFL league year set to start with free agency in a few weeks, the price tag for first-round picks from the 2021 draft has been set. Browns’ 2021 first-round pick’s price tag for that fifth year is $13.377 million to hit the books in 2025.

The team has a tough decision to be made with Newsome who at times has shown he is worth more than that but at times hasn’t been worth the price tag. Moving him back and forth between the slot and working outside may be part of the issue as he hasn’t been able to focus solely on one or the other.

You could see the team focus on one or the other this season. Honestly, Newsome might be better suited at playing inside especially as both Martin Emerson Jr. and Denzel Ward have shown they are much better than Newsome on the outside.

In the end, there are not enough good corners in the NFL and whether they sign him long-term or look to move him the Browns will likely pick up the option.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire