Browns: 3 takeaways from Stump Mitchell’s exit interview with ABC News 5

Stump Mitchell, the former running backs’ coach of the Cleveland Browns, sat down for an interview with Camryn Justice of ABC News 5. He discussed Kareem Hunt, Cleveland’s future, and much more in this interview.

The segment is roughly 11 minutes long and worth a watch for any serious Browns fan.

Mitchell had perfusive praise for the organization in the interview. He bared no ill will towards the organization. The interview proved how professional he is. It’s no wonder why some of the best running backs of the century have called him “Coach.”

The departure was the sad side of the National Football League, aptly known as “Not For Long” by league employees. Teams are constantly changing and evolving. The team released a handful of offensive coaches trying to find that next edge.

Mitchell spoke candidly about the organization and its path toward winning a Super Bowl. It’s refreshing to see how optimistic he is about the team’s future. The former NFL running back may have more grace off the field than he showed on the field. The Browns were lucky to have him in the organization.

Here are the top three takeaways from Camryn Justice’s brilliant interview with Stump Mitchell.

Stump Mitchell believes that Kareem Hunt has more to offer the league.

Browns Stump Mitchell Kareem Hunt
Browns Stump Mitchell Kareem Hunt

The most surprising part of the interview was Stump Mitchell’s pointed criticisms of Kareem Hunt. Mitchell singled out the star running back when asked about the room.

“Yeah. All those guys have been fantastic. I really believe I got an opportunity to get the most out of everybody except for Kareem [Hunt] so far. I think Kareem has a lot to offer. But I think what he needs to do is dedicate himself to getting all that he can get and don’t settle for being who he’s been in the past and I think he’ll be one hell of a player.”

The tone of the text sounds harsh, but Mitchell spoke with the analytical caring of an experienced mentor. Mitchell deeply cares about his players and it showed when talking about Hunt. Hunt has been a hometown hero since his return. However, he’s never been the elite running back he was with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hunt is a fantastic player, and hopefully, he takes some of those criticisms to heart. I’d hate to see a player of his talent, with the most unique running style in the sport, languish away in free agency another offseason. He can offer the league a lot more and as a fan of his, I want to see it.

The Browns should run the Stefanski offense for Deshaun Watson

Browns Stump Mitchell Kareem Hunt
Browns Stump Mitchell Kareem Hunt

Mitchell believes the Browns need to run the Kevin Stefanski offense for Deshaun Watson.

“Well, the future with Deshaun Watson is, should be similar to Joe [Flacco]. Deshaun is a passer. First and foremost, he’s a passer. The system and Kevin [Stefanski] felt real comfortable calling plays for Joe because Kevin is a hell of a play-caller. I mean, you take him back to Kirk Cousins, that’s kind of the mindset he had when he had Joe. That’s who Deshaun is. I mean, Deshaun is a runner, but he’s a runner by nature. We don’t have to create runs for him.”

Mitchell thinks that the Browns will have success utilizing Watson’s arm next season. The former coach thinks the Browns would be best served if they drop Watson into the under-center offense Joe Flacco ran to end the season. Trying to find the right offense for Watson to thrive in has been a real challenge for the entire organization. The team needs to find out what suits him best.

Stump Mitchell is a standout professional

Browns Stump Mitchell Kareem Hunt
Browns Stump Mitchell Kareem Hunt

One of the most notable things from Mitchell’s interview is how personable he is. He was empathetic toward fellow coaches Alex Van Pelt and T.C. McCartney losing their jobs.

“I guess I was more surprised with T.C. [McCartney] and AVP [Alex Van Pelt] because they came here with Kevin, than I was with myself. So that’s heartbreaking because those guys, they worked tremendously hard. I thought AVP was [an] unbelievable OC, and it’s the first time David [Njoku] has made it to the Pro Bowl in his seven-year career. So T.C. definitely got all he could from that group.”

He also expressed support for the people in the building. He praised the decision makers from the Haslams to Andrew Berry and Paul DePodesta. He addresses the fans when defending the decision-makers.

“I think the fans should understand that the Haslams [Jimmy and Dee], Andrew [Berry], Paul [DePodesta]l, they’re doing everything right, in my opinion. I mean, they’re trying to move this program forward constantly. Sometimes, you’re part of the problem. Sometimes, you’re part of the solution. Sometimes, things just have to transpire in order to move the program forward.”

Mitchell truly believes the Browns are in good hands with the core group of decision-makers. It’s surprising to hear that about Berea. For once the headquarters isn’t being staged for a coup d’état by various estranged parties. The Browns have professionals running the show for once. When one listens to Mitchell’s interview it becomes clear the Browns may have lost one of the most professional men in America. Hopefully, Mitchell can continue his long coaching career.

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Story originally appeared on Browns Wire