Brown clears the air on his sideline ‘discussion' with Hurts

Brown clears the air on his sideline ‘discussion' with Hurts originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

A.J. Brown flashed a sheepish grin toward the reporters who began to gather around his locker at the NovaCare Complex on Thursday afternoon.

He knew what was coming.

And he was ready to clear the air about his sideline spat with quarterback Jalen Hurts that broadcast cameras caught during the Eagles’ Week 2 win over the Vikings a week ago.

“First, I want to address what happened on Thursday and then after I address it, I just want to focus on Monday night because that’s the only thing important,” Brown said. “So on Thursday, the little sideline discussion, I want y’all to know that that’s all it was. It was a discussion. It’s a game that we both love and I want everybody to understand that sometimes emotions run high and that’s kind of what happened too. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, that doesn’t mean I’m beefing with Jalen.

“And, also, I want y’all to know it was not about targets. I’m sure everybody thought that because he threw me the ball three plays in a row afterwards. But no, I was not over there discussing targets or whatever the case may be. It was something that happened earlier and we was having a discussion about it. And so I know everybody took that out of context but it’s not a big deal.

“Me and him, we’re still on the same page, we’re still growing, we’re still trying to become great and get wins most importantly. The reason why I left after the game is because my emotions was high so I had to remove myself because I know all of y’all, y’all want a story, y’all doing y’all job. And I don’t hold anyone of y’all for it. But I just had to clear my mind before I get in front of y’all.”

Brown, 26, said he knew cameras caught the interaction between him and Hurts by the time he ran off the field at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night.

Like Brown mentioned, he wasn’t in the locker room after the game and since the Eagles don’t play in Week 3 on Monday, the first chance he got to address the situation came almost an entire week after.

Head coach Nick Sirianni on Monday said the this sideline interaction registered as a 2/10 on the frustration scale. Brown said it didn’t even reach that level.

“Coach Sirianni said that was about a 2 out of 10,” Brown said. “I would say that’s probably a half of one. But it just looked like that because it was on TV and we were using our hands and stuff. And I think he kind of made it worse when he came in and kind of tried to get in the middle of it.”

In some sense, Brown didn’t seem to mind that this interaction with Hurts was caught on camera. Brown said he’ll never shy away from an uncomfortable conversation because he’s going to hold his teammates accountable — “It’s a reason that I’ve got this C on my chest,” Brown said — and they’re going to do the same for him.

“We’re trying to be great and we’re pushing each other,” Brown said. “We may have uncomfortable conversations, no matter if it’s at practice or in a game. Those conversations happen.”

Through two games, Brown has 11 catches for 108 yards. But there’s a long way to go in the season and the Eagles are off to a 2-0 start, despite their shaky passing offense.

Brown is looking forward to moving past the “discussion” on the sideline from Week 2 and is looking forward to Monday Night Football in Tampa.

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