Is Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving about to quit on the his team?

Is Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving about to quit on the his team?

There are more than a few fans of the Boston Celtics who will say that when the going gets tough, Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving gets going — and they are not talking about his game on the court so much as his commitment to his current situation. When the Cleveland Cavaliers lost in 5 games to the Golden State Warriors in 2017, Irving forced his way out ot the Celtics.

Then things didn’t go as planned in Boston, and we all know how that ended in 2019. Now supposedly in the place he chose of his own free will with the teammates he wanted to join him, things are once again looking like they very well could go sideways yet again. Will the mercurial star pack his bags once again at the end of the season and demand a trade?

Could his bags already be packed, at least in his mind? While there have been no such indications from his words, his past paints a picture that makes this a fair question.

Check out the clip embedded above to hear what the hosts of NBC Sports Boston’s Early Edition show have to say on this possibility as Chris Mannix, Chris Forsberg, John Tomase and Trenni Kusnierek debate the possibility of Irving throwing in the towel on his team.

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