The Brooklyn Nets really, really wanted to wish Deron Williams a happy birthday

Ball Don't Lie

It's really important to show people you care. You can do it with a kind word, a thoughtful gesture, or by remembering that "The Lorax" was your girlfriend's favorite book growing up and surprising her with a copy of it when she comes home after a rough day at work. (Dan Devine: Love guru.)

But sometimes, you need something bigger ... something more demonstrative. Something that says, "Hey, when you become a free agent at midnight on Saturday, please accept roughly $100 million to be our point guard for the next five years." If you're the Brooklyn Nets and you're courting Deron Williams, that's when you break out the monster billboard truck and park it outside Williams' home, so that the first thing he sees when he wakes up on the morning of his 28th birthday is a reminder that you love him, right there in black-and-white.

The evidence, snapped by Williams' wife Amy and shared via Instagram:

Now if Nets general manager Billy King had just added a copy of D-Will's favorite Dr. Seuss book, this thing would probably be sewn up tight.

Alas, Williams — a three-time All-Star who averaged 21 points and 8.7 assists per game for the Nets in New Jersey last season and is regarded by most observers as the top free agent available this offseason — will still probably continue to weigh his options, which he's reportedly narrowed down to either sticking with the Nets or moving home to Texas to join the Dallas Mavericks.

I'd expect Mark Cuban's billboard truck to arrive in front of the Williams home shortly, probably with neon lights all over it and a real fancy waffle-maker attached. Always with the one-upsmanship, that guy.

(Also, our thanks to Mrs. Williams for using two small children in a stroller to demonstrate the size of the billboard. It's important to offer a sense of scale.)

Hat-tip to's John Schuhmann.

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