Brooklyn Nets ranked 11th in terms of valuable assets

The Brooklyn Nets are in an interesting place in the NBA as ever since they traded Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this past February, ending the superstar era, they are no longer considered a title contender like they have been for the past few seasons. However, thanks to the trades, they have a solid future ahead of them.

In a recent article by HoopsHype, Yossi Gozlan gave his ranking of all 30 teams in the NBA with respect to the quality of their future and the Nets ranked 11th on the list. For the purposes of this article, the ranking is primarily based on the young players on the roster and how draft picks the team has at its disposal until 2030.

It’s easy to see why Brooklyn has one of the brighter futures in the league since they have some high-leverage first-round picks, particularly from the Phoenix Suns, and have some talented, young players in Mikal Bridges, Nic Claxton, and Cam Johnson. Obviously, if Bridges can develop into a star, this ranking could change in the near future.

Here’s what Gozlan had to say about the Nets’ ranking on this list:

“While the Nets don’t have as much high-end talent on their roster, they now have a draft pick surplus and many valuable players on good contracts from trading Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Mikal Bridges has seen his trade value skyrocket upon significantly improving his play in Brooklyn. Nic Claxton, Cameron Johnson, and Dorian Finney-Smith are all very valuable players who could keep the team competitive. The team could rise in these rankings if Ben Simmons is able to rehabilitate his value. They could look to consolidate their assets for win-now help since they have no incentive to lose with two picks and three swaps owed to Houston through 2027.”

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire