Brooklyn Nets’ Mikal Bridges answers questions about himself

Brooklyn Nets forward Mikal Bridges has been through a lot in this month. Despite looking like a budding star for the Phoenix Suns alongside Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Deandre Ayton, Bridges was traded to the Nets in a deal that brought Kevin Durant to the Suns.

Through it all, Bridges has still found a way to keep his humor despite the upheaval. Bridges, 26, has been quickly accepted by the Nets’ fanbase and even has a new nickname, Brooklyn Bridges, to show for it. Though his time in BK has been short thus far, he has done a lot in those three games, including scoring a career-high 45 points against the Miami Heat.

As of right now, Brooklyn’s future is dependent on how well Bridges acclimates to his new role as being arguably the team’s best player and how much he improves during this transition period for the team. In the meantime, Bridges did a Q&A session with the Brooklyn Nets to give the fans an insight into Bridges’ personality and here are those answers:

Favorite NBA memory as a fan

  • Bridges: “T-Mac (Tracy McGrady) getting 13 points in x (later corrected by the filmer to 33 seconds) amount of seconds. It was crazy.”

Dream job if not for NBA?

  • Bridges: “Second grade teacher. Probably teaching math.”

Pregame routine?

  • Bridges: “I need a nap every time. I have to have my nap in before.”

Cheat day meal?

  • Bridges: “A lot of french fries. Give me just a lot of french fries and I’m good.”

Most looking forward to about living in Brooklyn?

  • Bridges: “Just the city. I’m not the person that walk around a lot. Something about New York and being in Brooklyn. I was just gonna walk around and see the people.”

Favorite sneakers:

  • Bridges: “Jordan 11s.”

Full Q&A video

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire