Should the Brooklyn Nets enter a full rebuild this offseason?

The Brooklyn Nets are at a crossroads entering this offseason after ending their superstar experiment by trading Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this past February at the trade deadline. While Brooklyn became noticeably worse because of the trades, they were still able to hang on enough to end the regular-season as the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Along the way, the Nets were able to discover some unique aspects of their team. For starters, they realized that they had a budding star on their team in Mikal Bridges as he showed his incredible ability to score despite being cast as the third or fourth scoring option during his time with the Phoenix Suns.

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Brooklyn also realized how good Cam Johnson can be in the right situation as he showed that he could do more than just shoot the three-ball and play defense. Center Nic Claxton showed that he can be a difference-maker on the defensive end of the floor and that he’s just scratching the surface of his potential. One thing to ponder would be where the Nets should go from here: try to get back into the championship conversation or embrace a full rebuild?

The Mock Trade:

Brooklyn Nets receive: 3rd overall pick in 2023 NBA Draft (assuming that Houston gets that pick in the lottery), Alperen Sengun, and Brooklyn’s 2024 first-round pick


Houston Rockets receive: Mikal Bridges and Nic Claxton

Should the Nets do this trade?

Brooklyn getting the 3rd overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft would be a huge deal for the team whether they’re rebuilding or not. Having the chance to draft Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller could be the pick that catapults the Nets back into the Eastern Conference championship picture if either of those players becomes an All-Star one day.

Alperen Sengun would not be the ideal player to have as a starting center given his defensive struggles, but he is a guy that has the chance to turn into an offensive hub for a team if he continues to develop his offensive skills. Also, Brooklyn getting its 2024 first-round pick would be huge for the franchise since they would be more in control of how their future unfolds.


Losing Mikal Bridges and Nic Claxton would be huge losses given how good those players are already, but if Brooklyn is looking towards the future, you most likely have to let good players go for the chance to get great players. Bridges could be an All-Star one day so the Nets could live to regret letting him go, but getting two players who could be All-Stars (#3 overall pick and assuming that Brooklyn’s 2024 first-round pick is a high pick as well) is better than holding on to one.

Verdict: Yes, the Nets should do this trade.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire