Brook and Robin Lopez have an idea for a TV cartoon series

Twin NBA centers Brook and Robin Lopez have always stood out from their peers for their inherent goofiness and desire to branch out into other creative endeavors. The Lopez twins have never appeared content to focus all their mental powers on basketball. From the time they first hit the national scene at Stanford until now, they've never been shy about discussing their extracurricular projects in public. It's part of who they are.

It appears that the brothers have a new project. According to Brooklyn Nets star center Brook, they have sketched out a TV series. From Stefan Bondy for the New York Daily News:

But all this time away from the court has provided Lopez an opportunity to advance his eclectic interests, specifically a script for an animated adventure/comedy that he and his twin brother — Robin Lopez, a center for the Trail Blazers — have been shopping to television networks.

“We have a pilot all written out,” says Lopez.

Brooklyn’s All-Star center is quite serious about this endeavor, as well his future plans to create books, comics and video games. He and Robin have visited the studios at Disney and Fox, even sitting at a taping of “The Simpsons.” Like any Hollywood writer, he is keeping the details of the script a secret, providing only the theme.

“This one is Robin’s brainchild,” Lopez says.

While most athletes cook up projects based on their own lives, it appears as if this action/adventure cartoon is an original idea and not a generic "Entourage" ripoff. Knowing the Lopezes' general taste, I'm willing to bet it's in the vein of "Mighty Max." Sadly, I have not watched a Saturday morning cartoon in 15 years and have no idea if that type of show is still popular. Presumably the twins know better.

We should also not be particularly surprised that Brook will not reveal more details of the show. When I interviewed the twins in college for an interview that would be read only by donors, they would not mention any details of a literary project for fear the ideas would be stolen. They are clearly serious about their work, and they should be commended for it.

Of course, that also means we're free to imagine the premise as we wish. Let's say, for instance, that the cartoon premise includes a talking dinosaur modeled on Ryan Anderson, two twin brothers with magical powers, and a villainous ogre who somewhat suspiciously looks just like Dwight Howard. Would any of that surprise you?

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