Brook Lopez has his fro shaved down at a local Boys & Girls Club (VIDEO)

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This is the last technical week of the NBA's offseason, with just about every club due to begin training camp with its annual Media Day on Monday. In preparation, a good chunk of NBA players are already back in their adopted cities, preparing for the slog that lasts from next week until April at the earliest. This means trimming that summer 'do, shopping for cold weather sweats, or taking part in a team-sponsored charity function.

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Brook Lopez, efficiency enthusiast, decided to take care of three birds with one stone on Tuesday, as he sat in the chair at the Navy Yards Boys & Girls Club, as some local kids strapped a two-guard on to trim down Brook's summer fro. The video, via The Basketball Jones, details the gore:

It's a tricky thing, those clippers. My wife runs her own hair salon, so I've gotten over my aversion to them, but we can understand why Brook would be a little uneasy as a kid some three feet shorter than him attempts to tame his scalp. Even if Lopez went into the procedure knowing he would get most of it chopped off.

The kids did fine work, as you can see below, via the Twitter account of BCTV host Alyonka Larionov:

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