Brook Lopez dunks on twin brother Robin, continuing lifelong feud

Like most twins, NBA centers Brook and Robin Lopez are very close. They share a bond that few people in this world will ever understand, and it's a beautiful thing. Yet, when they entered the league in 2008 and were drafted to different teams, they knew that they would sometimes have to face off in moments of intense conflict. They are locked in the basketball version of civil war, like a story in a particularly compelling arc involving two of their beloved comic book heroes.

On Tuesday night, Robin's New Orleans Hornets traveled to Brooklyn to face Brook's Nets. With around four minutes left in the third quarter, Brook took a pass from point guard Deron Williams, dribbled down an open lane, and elevated for a dunk. Robin, somehow forgetting the presence of a person with whom he shared the same womb, was late to challenge and became the victim of a brutal posterization. Brook, to his credit, did not celebrate, presumably because he knew that he had hurt his brother.

The Nets went on to win 108-98, but the significance of this play extends well beyond the final score. After the jump, please consult the long history of Brook-on-Robin conflict.

April 1, 1988: Brook is born one minute before Robin.

May 20, 1991: The twins' mother decides that the family can only afford one haircut, thereby ensuring that Robin will always look more unkempt than his brother. (Note: Both twins usually look unkempt, so this one is not such a big deal.)

January 12, 1993: During the first of what will become many trips to Disneyland, Brook takes his photo with Minnie Mouse first. Robin is then informed that the camera is out of film.

October 31, 1993: Brook dresses up as Spider-Man for his Halloween costume. Robin settles for Peter Parker, which is a clever idea but not particularly identifiable or cool.

December 2, 1994: After making up a bunch of unverifiable rules he claims to have been told by Derek, the coolest kid in school, Brook wins all of Robin's POGs.

February 27, 1996: Brook scores 20 points and grabs 20 rebounds in a youth basketball game. Robin settles for 18 points and 18 rebounds.

July 2, 1997: Brook sees "Men in Black" on opening day without Robin and immediately spoils the Dennis Rodman joke.

February 13, 2003: Robin sees "Daredevil" on opening day without Brook, but it turns out he didn't go on purpose because he heard it was terrible. Robin pretends to like it for a week out of spite.

October 17, 2006: During a particularly heated game of hide-and-seek in a Stanford dorm room, Brook tells Robin that he was adopted.

June 5, 2010: Brook watches an entire season of "Magnum, P.I." without waiting for Robin.

Yet all is not lost for Robin. I hear Brook is super jealous he gets to hang out with Ryan Anderson all the time now. So lucky.

(Video via The Brooklyn Game)

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