Bronny James to remain in NBA draft - when could he be selected?

Yahoo Sports NBA draft analyst Krysten Peek discusses the outlook for the USC Trojans guard, as he will remain in the 2024 NBA draft.

Video Transcript

I understand that he did not have a good year at us.

C nobody had a good year at us.

C Isaiah Collier didn't have a good year at us.

C we just need to forget that that even happened.

I think people are forgetting that Ronnie James had open heart surgery in August and was back on the court in December to make that turnaround is insanely incredible.

Like it's, it's unheard of, it is by far unheard of.

Ok, Ronnie James is an NBA player and he's going to get drafted, may probably, you know, on his own merit.

But is it also enticing that his dad might join him?

Yes, that's the first thing I wanna say.

The second thing I wanna say is I think that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to have to be having some conversations and they're going to have to move the board.

We've already seen it with the Utah Jazz saying that they, they're interested in bringing in Ronnie for a workout and, and they, they are considering him with the 32nd pick.

So if the Lakers wanted to move up, they'd have to move up, at least to 31 you know, and I think we're going to start seeing those conversations but it's way too early.

We're getting way ahead of ourselves.

But yes, Ronnie James has done enough to be drafted and I think he stays in this draft and, and he does get drafted, you know, on the second night of the NBA draft.