Bronny James puts Damian Lillard over Steph Curry in top 5 NBA list

Alex Didion
NBC Sports BayArea

For some reason, people are extremely interested in who a 15-year-old kid thinks are the five best active NBA players.

But when your name is Bronny James and your father is Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, celebrity is hard to escape.

It's a pretty fair list from Bronny, as three of the five included have won the NBA's MVP award and Anthony Davis had an absolutely dominant season in Los Angeles alongside Lebron.

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But some were surprised to see Damian Lillard also in the mix, instead of Warriors guard Steph Curry.

Lillard is an incredibly exciting player and has immense popularity around the league for his clutch buzzer-beaters and burgeoning hip-hop career off the court.

Is he better than Steph? Perhaps not, as evidenced by Steph's two MVPs, three NBA championships, and 10-0 career record against Lillard in the playoffs.

But once again, Bronny is 15 years old, so let's cut him some slack.

There are currently way bigger issues than a teenager's list of the top five active NBA players, so Warriors fans should have no reason to be up in arms over this.

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Bronny James puts Damian Lillard over Steph Curry in top 5 NBA list originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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