Will Bronny James be drafted by the Utah Jazz?

Bronny James smiles as he participates in the 2024 NBA basketball draft combine in Chicago, Tuesday, May 14, 2024. The Utah Jazz are reportedly interested in selecting James in the second round of the upcoming NBA draft.

Which teams are interested in Bronny James?

The son of NBA superstar LeBron James, Bronny James proved himself a legitimate NBA prospect with his recent showing at the NBA draft combine, albeit as a second-round prospect.

Said one NBA scout to Yahoo Sports: “It’s clear he (Bronny) understands the NBA game. He still has a long way to go, but the college game is vastly different from the NBA, and he has a skillset that translates.”

As a result, per Yahoo Sports, there are a few teams that are legitimately interested in drafting Bronny this summer, including the Utah Jazz.

Sources told Yahoo Sports’ Krysten Peek that the Jazz have expressed the desire to bring in Bronny for an individual workout and “could be interested in (selecting) him with the 32nd pick.”

“The franchise has been patiently rebuilding behind the leadership of Danny Ainge, and bringing in Bronny with the hopes of luring a superstar like LeBron could be the jump owner Ryan Smith is looking for to add a spark to the Jazz,” Peek writes.

The Jazz aren’t alone in their interest, though.

Other teams reportedly eyeing Bronny include the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A good portion of the interest in Bronny lies in LeBron James’ stated interest in playing alongside his son at some point before his retirement. The idea is that whichever team drafts Bronny will have a good shot at landing LeBron too.

But while his dad has been public about that desire, Bronny James told ESPN that his focus is simply on making it to the NBA.

“I would be happy about getting to the league instead of me thinking about playing with my dad,” Bronny told Jamal Collier. “That’s not my mindset or not at all. I’m just trying to put in the work and see where it takes me from there.”

Being the son of LeBron has put an inordinate amount of attention on Bronny and he knows it.

“Everything that follows my dad, people just try to link me with that and all the greatness he’s achieved and I haven’t done anything yet,” Bronny told Peek. “So there needs to be that divide between Bronny and LeBron. I just want to let people know that my name is Bronny James and not being identified as LeBron James’ son.”

After his performance at the draft combine, that might be a more realistic hope.

“It would be one thing if he showed up to the combine, completely bombed on testing and continually got beat on the court, but that’s not happening,” Peek writes. “Bronny is competing at a high level and showing he’s coachable. Every scout and executive in the building can see how his game will translate to the NBA, regardless of who his dad is. ... As things stand right now, if Bronny elects to stay in the draft, he’s a projected late second-round pick. Meeting and working out with teams could see him rise a little. There’s a good chance that his name will be called and he’ll reach his goal of being an NBA player.”