Broncos won’t have new uniforms in 2023, but they’re being worked on

Since becoming the team’s new president one year ago, Denver Broncos executive Damani Leech has received one question more often than any other from fans: When are new uniforms arriving? 

Leech confirmed in July that the Broncos are working on new uniforms, but details are limited on what they will look like and when they will be ready. The front office knows Broncos Country is passionate about the team’s look, though, and they will listen to the fans.

“We did a survey last fall,” Leech said in July. “We had over 10,000 responses to that survey, which right away showed how much passion and interest there was broadly in the thought of our uniforms.” 

Leech spoke in July after the team released a new alternate helmet that was met with mixed — but mostly positive — reviews from fans.

“Fans certainly will tag me on social media, and I was pleased,” Leech said of the helmet’s reception. “I try to avoid reading the comments sometimes, but I was pleased after yesterday’s rollout. You saw a lot of people excited, excited about the [logo], and excited for something new. I think that there is a lot of interest and energy around something new and we will continue to work on it.” 

Many fans have campaigned for the team to return to a throwback look with a light blue helmet and the throwback “D” logo. Leech has acknowledged fan-made uniform concepts on Twitter (now called X), and it’s clear that he wants to respect the team’s tradition while also giving the team a modern look.

Perhaps that’s what the uniform will eventually look like — a modern spin on the team’s classic throwback uniform, similar to the current Color Rush design but with white pants and a light blue helmet.

A new look won’t be ready in time for the 2023 season and we don’t know exactly when the uniforms will be announced, but fans can rest assured that a new design is on the way.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire