Broncos unveil new throwback uniforms with brilliant hype video

The most-anticipated jersey the Denver Broncos released on Monday was their 1977-inspired throwback uniform. The helmet design for the uniform and the overall design of the uniform itself had been a team staple from the late 1960s to 1996. This uniform made it to four Super Bowls before the previously established uniforms took over in 1997.

The team unveiled the uniform with a brilliant hype video:

In the video, Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain drives a modern Ford Bronco to a store with the old “D” logo above the door. Surtain walks in, and it looks as if he goes back in time, as he looks out the window of the store and his car is transformed into a 1970s-era Bronco. Surtain picks a jersey off a rack of clothes as a darkened storekeeper asks if he can help Surtain out.

Surtain brings the jersey to the counter and asks if the storekeeper has something to go with the jersey. The storekeeper looks to Surtain, and the cashier’s identity is now revealed to be Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Randy Gradishar. Gradishar tells Surtain he has something for him, and pulls out the powder blue “D” helmet, and tells him, “You’ve been waiting for this.”

The blend between Gradishar and Surtain is an homage to the “Orange Crush” era, which popularized and endeared this jersey into the hearts of Broncos Country forever. Well done, Broncos. Well done.

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