Broncos QB Jarrett Stidham had a big game in preseason finale

The Denver Broncos ended their preseason with a 41-0 win over the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday. While the team’s overall showing was impressive, the talk has been about Jarrett Stidham and his performance at quarterback.

Stidham, the top backup quarterback for Denver, finished the night with a 17-of-28, 276-yard performance to go along with throwing a touchdown.
With the backup quarterback job locked up, head coach Sean Payton spoke highly of Stidham’s performance this summer.

“He’s been consistent all during camp,” Payton said of Stidham. “I thought he did really well. He started off really hot. He took a shot on the one deep [pass] interference completion [and] bounced back. I thought he played well — made a lot of good decisions. I was encouraged.”

Stidham was given attention by trainers and sat out one play after taking a shot to his ribs in the first half and having the wind knocked out of him. He later took another big helmet to his ribs in the second quarter.

“That is what I am called to do,” Stidham said of standing in the pocket and taking hits. “That is part of playing the position. If you have to stay in there and take some hits, that is part of it. I am happy to do it.”

With the preseason behind him, Stidham knows that real work begins starting in September, so he has to always stay ready.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire