Broncos owners aren’t rushing decision on stadium

The Denver Broncos have a new ownership group, and fans are curious to know what changes might be in store for the team — changes such as potential new uniforms and a potential new stadium.

We know there won’t be new uniforms right away (the earliest changes could be made is 2023, and perhaps more realistically in 2024).

So how about Empower Field at Mile High? Will the team’s new ownership group build a new super stadium to rival SoFi Stadium?

Nothing’s imminent.

“It’s premature to start talking about a new stadium,” Broncos owner/CEO Greg Penner said last week. “I’ll say that Empower Field at Mile High is a world-class facility. It’s hosted, obviously, football games, terrific other sporting events and entertainment events.

“We have a good partnership with the Metropolitan Football Stadium District and have almost 10 years left on our lease. We’ll evaluate all of our options and dig in to understand the situation before making any decision.”

The Broncos might not necessarily wait the entire 10 years before making a decision, but they don’t appear to be in a rush to make big changes. The team will obviously remain at Empower Field for at least the 2022 season. Beyond that, who knows? But fans shouldn’t expect a new stadium announcement anytime soon.

“We have some time to go out and see what the different options are — consider everything and then make a decision,” Penner said.

Word on potential new uniforms will likely arrive much sooner than word on a potential new stadium. For now, Empower Field remains the team’s home.

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Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire