Broncos should have let Brandon McManus try a 74-yard game-winner

Mike Florio
·1 min read

From #LetRussCook to #LetBranKick.

The Broncos had the ball last night at their own 43 with two seconds left, down two points. They could have tried a one-in-a-million Hail Mary or hook-and-ladder play (they opted instead to throw the ball into a wide swath of green grass), or they could have given kicker Brandon McManus an opportunity to make all-time NFL history.

Yes, it would have been a 74-yard field goal, extending the record by 10 yards. But, yes, McManus has the leg. He once made a 73-yarder in practice, with a live rush.

Last year, coach Vic Fangio nearly gave McManus a chance to try a 65-yarder, before the coach changed his mind. Last night, a 74-yard attempt would have been a defensible alternative to whatever play the Broncos called instead.

Based on the sideline activity and demeanor detected on TV, there apparently was no consideration given to the ultra-long kick. There definitely was no mention of the possibility during the broadcast. It should have at least been on the radar screen, given the kicker’s well-documented leg.

After the game, Fangio wasn’t asked about whether he considered calling for a field goal attempt. Hopefully, when he meets with reporters later today, he will be.

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