Broncos giving Vikings the business

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

The Broncos must not have gotten the memo that their season was over.

At the moment, they’re thrashing the Vikings 17-0, with a combination of a solid running game, good defense, and a bit of fun.

Knowing they can’t put too much on backup quarterback Brandon Allen, the Broncos are mixing it up, running trick passing plays out of the Wildcat among the more traditional options.

Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman are pacing the offense at the moment, as they’ve stacked up 211 yards so far and controlled the clock.

Meanwhile, the Vikings are sputtering, with 38 whole yards and two first downs in their first four possessions.  Kirk Cousins is 7-of-8 for 31 yards, but when he did complete a big play, it went away. A 24-yard gain to Stefon Diggs was wiped out by a penalty.

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