Broncos could make trades to free up cap space

The Denver Broncos need to create more salary cap space and they could use more draft picks (they currently hold six picks). The Broncos can address both issues by trading away select players this spring, freeing up cap space while acquiring more draft capital.

Speaking at the NFL combine last month, Broncos general manager George Paton was asked about the possibility of trading players for picks.

“You just look at the contracts we have … some of the veterans we have and some that make more sense than others,” Paton said on Feb. 27. “You don’t want to mortgage the future, so some you don’t have to mortgage as much.

“Really, it’s the player, it’s the youth, do you feel like they’re going to be there a while? Those are the ones maybe you go to, and I’m not sure we’re going to do that or not, but we do have that flexibility.”

Denver was unable to trade safety Justin Simmons and the team ended up releasing him, but other players could be dealt in the coming days. If the team trades wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, for example, that would save $12.98 million in cap space.

More moves are likely coming for the Broncos. Stay tuned.

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Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire