Broncos coach Vic Fangio not making changes at QB or OC

Denver Broncos fans have grown tired of the team’s offense that frequently features passes thrown short of the sticks on third downs and gives single-digit carries to their productive running backs on a near-weekly basis.

So, will the team consider replacing offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, the team’s play caller?

“No,” coach Vic Fangio said after a 17-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday evening.

Probably not the answer fans were hoping to hear.

Broncos fans are also unhappy with the quarterback situation. Teddy Bridgewater has thrown five interceptions in his last three games, leading to calls for Drew Lock to take over on offense.

Thursday would have been a good opportunity to give Lock a start and a chance to win back the job given that Bridgewater was questionable going into the game with foot and quad injuries. So did Fangio consider making a change at QB this week?

“I did not,” Fangio said after the game.

Bridgewater threw a costly interception in the end zone on Thursday, a turnover that might have ultimately cost the game given that Denver only lost by three points. Bridgewater also threw two touchdown passes, though, and Fangio said he’s sticking with the QB.

“I thought he played good, especially there in the second half,” Fangio said. “I do not think Teddy’s injuries from my vantage point affected him that much. I thought that he was courageous. He is our quarterback.”

Fangio might not be in a rush to make changes at QB or OC, but it could be his job on the line if the Broncos don’t start getting better results soon. If Fangio doesn’t act and make changes, Denver’s front office might be forced to make a change at head coach at some point.


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