Broncos coach Vic Fangio refuses postgame handshakes after six personal fouls from Jets' defense

The Denver Broncos and New York Jets played a Thursday night game that very few were looking forward to, and it still managed to be ugly despite some offensive highlights.

The ugliness came via a whopping six personal foul penalties on the Jets’ defense, including three instances of roughing the passer and two of unnecessary roughness. That would be an eyebrow-raising amount from any team, but a defense run by Gregg Williams, he of the infamous Bountygate, is going to get zero benefit of the doubt.

The game ended with two especially brutal hits on Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien, who was making his NFL debut.

There was enough animosity over the game, a 37-28 Broncos win, that Denver head coach Vic Fangio could be heard telling his team to avoid handshakes and go straight to the locker room, using some salty language. Fangio didn’t even stick around for a handshake with Jets head coach Adam Gase.

Fangio later told reporters that he told his players to get off the field because he wanted to avoid a confrontation. The Broncos sideline apparently did not appreciate the Jets’ conduct.

Steve Smith lays into Gregg Williams

None of this is surprising to see from a Williams defense, and it was especially unsurprising for NFL veteran Steve Smith.

During the NFL Network’s postgame coverage, the Carolina Panthers great continuously laid into the coach and recalled his experiences facing Williams’ infamous defenses with the New Orleans Saints.

Smith probably isn’t alone there.

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