Give broken crayons a new lease on life with these 5 crafts

Crayons are an arts and crafts staple, which means every classroom and craft room is bound to have a graveyard of broken crayons. Luckily, there are many DIY projects and homemade crafts that can revive the colorful little wax sticks besides melting them all into one giant crayon. From a graphic t-shirt to a clock, here are 5 crafting activities that give broken crayons a second chance at life.

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1. Crayon Stained Glass

Build a stained glass window installation using crayons instead of glass! Start by laying out a sheet of wax paper, then have your child decorate the paper with colorful crayon shavings, leaves, or other found objects. Once they’re finished with their masterpiece, place another sheet of wax paper over the design and iron it until all the wax shavings have melted. Finally, hang your child’s stained glass artwork in a window and watch the lights stream through the colorful melted crayons sealed in wax paper.

2. Crayon T-Shirt Graphic

Turn those broken crayons lying around into a cool custom-made t-shirt. First, place a wooden cutting board inside of a plain white t-shirt to use as a base for the shirt’s graphic. Next, print out a template of any image on self-adhesive paper and help your child paste it on the shirt. Use a fine grater to grind the broken crayons into shavings, then separate them by color. Have your child sprinkle the crayon shavings over the template, then cover the image with baking paper and iron it to melt the crayon. Finally, carefully remove the baking paper and peel off the template to reveal the custom creation.

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3. Crayon Melting Art

This melting crayon activity is so cool and easy to do! Start by having your child paste any image or template onto a blank canvas. Next, remove any paper from the broken crayons and have your child line them up in whatever order at the top of the canvas before pasting them. Cover any parts of the canvas you don’t want melted wax to get on with plastic wrap. Help your child melt the crayons using a hair dryer and have fun watching the wax drip down the canvas before letting it dry and removing the plastic covering.

4. Crayon Clock

You’ll be able to tell the time by the color thanks to this crayon clock. First, take a basic clock with a sizable border. Next, have your child arrange the broken crayons in a rainbow pattern around the clock, then hot glue them into place. Finally, find a place on a wall or shelf to display the clock.

5. Mini Crayon Flowers

Turn broken crayons into a colorful bouquet with this craft and science experiment fusion! First, fill a medium-sized bowl with water. Next, hold a crayon over the bowl of water, then light the tip with a flame and let the wax drip into the water. The wax will harden into little flower-shaped specks when it hits the water. Finally, once your aqua crayon garden has blossomed, have your child use the tiny wax flowers to create a work of art.

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