Brock Bowers' dream NFL landing spot

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz is joined by the Georgia tight end on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVIII to discuss the team he most wants to play for in the NFL. Brock joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Autotrader.

Video Transcript


- Hanging out with Brock Bowers joining us on behalf of AutoTrader, we'll get to that in a minute. But first we get to play a game, my friend. What's in the cards? It's simple. We're going to play higher or lower, right? I'm going to flip over a card and then you'll tell me, is the next card going to be higher or lower? If you get it right, you get an easy question. If you get it wrong, bum bum, you get a hard question. Are you ready?

- Oh yeah.

- All right. First card out-- oh. All right, five. Got a five out of gate. So, next card. Higher? Lower?

- Higher.

- He's going to go higher. He's gonna-- it's an eight. He gets an easy question. All right, so I'm big into like walk up songs in baseball, the pitchers get to pick that. So if you had a walk up song that you were just going to run in a game, what would it be?

- I'd say "Thunderstruck".

- OK.

- Oh yeah.

- Is that like-- are you playing that in the gym while you're getting yoked?

- It's a good song, yeah. Sometimes. It depends if it comes on. Gets me a little juiced up.

- All right.

- Yeah.

- All right, good. Are we going higher or lower now?

- We'll go higher.

- He's going-- he's daring. And he got it right again. Two for two. I'm just going to start throwing you hard questions at some point. OK, you're from Napa?

- Uh-huh.

- How weird is it for a kid from Napa to be in Georgia? Like, they're such different places. What was that adjustment like for you?

- Yeah, it was definitely kind of a culture shock I guess, when I first got there. A lot of different stuff going on and everything, and different accents. It was hard to understand at first. Especially when you got like kind of out of Athens a little bit. But yeah, it was a lot of fun. I mean, I wouldn't change it for the world. I mean, it was a great experience.

- All right. Are you going higher or lower?

- We'll go higher.

- You're going higher. Oh, it's an ace. And I, because I control the game, am making it lower. All right, so you're about to get drafted. We all know that, everybody's been talking about it for a long time. So is there a dream team that you want to play for?

- Dream team? I mean I just say anyone that wants to take me and use me. I mean, I'm good with whatever. But also, I'd love to play in Tennessee and be in Nashville. I mean, it seems like a great place. I'd love to stay in the Southeast.

- Look I mean, I lived in Nashville for more than 20 years. The Titans? Like, you don't hear that a lot. Like, are you a Titans fan? Or is there like a little bit of fandom there?

- Not really. I mean, I think it's just more like where I'd want to live, I feel like.

- That-- and I think that's the weirdest part about the draft process, right? Like, you don't get a say in it. As much as everybody says, oh this is great, his dreams are coming true. Yes, that's true. But also you don't get a say in where you're going to live or what that place is going to be like. That's weird, right?

- Yeah, it's just a huge change and it's kind of changing everything, I guess.

- Is there like, can you even prep for that? Like are you doing anything to prep for the unknown that's coming?

- I mean, no not really. I guess we'll see what happens when it gets there.

- All right, so you're joining us on behalf of AutoTrader. What's your dream car? You're about to-- you're about to-- your life's about to change. What's the dream car for Brock Bowers?

- Yeah. Oh, just simple Ford F-250. I mean, nothing crazy. I'm a truck guy.

- I'm telling you like, he's down in Georgia, he's a truck guy, he's going Titans. I feel all this country coming off of you. All right, so tell us what you're doing with AutoTrader.

- Yeah, I mean just here repping them and they're going to help me out getting a car when I get my first check. And they're going to help me streamline the process. Make it easy so I can focus on football and not about just kind of the other stuff outside of football.

- And that's one of the best things about AutoTrader, right? Like they can help everybody streamline the process. They can help everybody find the cars that they need, the easiest way possible, right?

- Yeah, it just makes it easy.

- All right, well good luck man. I appreciate you hanging out with me.

- Thank you.