Broadmoor Bobcats remain undefeated with win over area coaches

Apr. 15—Yes, Brian Fulton came back for more. Riverside's girls basketball coach came back from spring break in Florida for this — a rematch with the vaunted Broadmoor Bobcats basketball team.

"I played in this game two years before and they got us both years," Fulton said. "We're gonna give it our best shot this year and see what happens."

What happened was this — different year, same result.

Here come the Broadmoor Bobcats! Getting ready for their annual showdown against the area high school coaches.

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When Jeramie Vitale opened the scoring with a left-handed dunk, the Bobcats were off and running, opening a 38-16 lead and never looking back in a win over a team consisting of area basketball coaches.

The win was the 17th in a row against the coaches for Broadmoor, the basketball team made up of players from the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Deepwood facility. The victory also kept alive the Bobcats' undefeated winning streak that has been intact for years, including a perfect 18-0 mark against several area high school teams this season.

"I can't wait. They're going to do great. They're going to rock it tonight," said Broadmoor coach Katey Balzano as pregame warmups wrapped up.

She wasn't wrong.

Jeramie Vitale goes with the left-handed flush to give the Broadmoor Bobcats the early lead over the area coaches.

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After Vitale's dunk opened the scoring Adam Mouyard followed with a flush of his own, and Michael Fialko extended the lead to 6-0 with a shot from the middle of the lane.

Michael Fialko drains the jumper in the lane — Broadmoor opens a 22- point lead over the area coaches

— News-Herald preps (@NHPreps) April 15, 2024

The Bobcats had a handful of area student-athletes helping them out in the game, including North's Cami Welty, Riverside's Drew Brown, Andrew Taggart and Colin Durkin, Mentor's Maggie Hawley, Wickliffe's Kaelin Koenig and Anabella Stoehr, and Cornerstone's Quinn Kwasniak.

"I'm so excited to be here," Kwasniak said. "It's an honor, I've got Michael (Fialko) over there and he hasn't missed a shot yet. I'm so excited."

Quinn Kwasniak of @CCA_HOOPS is excited to team up with the undefeated Broadmoor Bobcats to take down the area coach team tonight.

— News-Herald preps (@NHPreps) April 15, 2024

Throughout the season, opposing teams traveled to Broadmoor to play against the Bobcats. After the game — and yes, Broadmoor won 'em all — the teams learn more about the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Deepwood and mingle during lunch.

"I like it when the other team makes a three-point shot and then how everybody cheers when they see me do it too," said Broadmoor's Johnathan Mominey. "I also like to pass the ball to my team members so they can have a chance to score."

The trips to Broadmoor are a wonderful experience, Fulton said.

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"Without a doubt, it's more than basketball — it's learning," Fulton said. "It's seeing what needs those children have and how they're met. It's so educational and enlightening for these kids to see what else exits out there besides just at Riverside."

It's been 35 years since the Bobcats started playing basketball against other teams and schools under the direction of Ann Vespa.

"The Bobcat basketball players look forward to basketball all week, and so do the other students who get to watch the games," said Sara Jones, Adapted Physical Education Specialist at Broadmoor. "The coaches' game takes things to a whole new level given that we travel to Mentor and the event has entertainment, a bake sale, merchandise sales, a 50-50 raffle and so much more."

Brian Fulton of @RHSCourtsideCLB is excited for another crack at the undefeated Broadmoor Bobcats, but knows the odds are stacked against him and his team.

— News-Herald preps (@NHPreps) April 15, 2024