Broadcast criticizes Connor Bedard for ‘disrespectful' behavior after goals in World Championship

Broadcast criticizes Connor Bedard for ‘disrespectful' behavior after goals in World Championship originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

There's nothing quite like a good celly in hockey, and sometimes, the faintest ones are the coldest.

At least according to Jakub Voráček.

Voráček is a 15-year NHL veteran who recently secured a post-retirement gig as a color analyst for Česká televize at this year's IIHF World Championship in Prague.

That means he got to witness Connor Bedard continue his torrid run for Team Canada on Sunday when the young star scored his third and fourth goals of the tournament in a game against Denmark.

Bedard, 18, showed little emotion both times after scoring, holding a stoic glare as his teammates skated over to fist bump him.

Voráček was not a fan of the teenager's apparent apathy towards his own success and stated so on the broadcast, calling Bedard's lack of celebration "disrespectable" to the opponent. He doubled down on this opinion on social media after the game.

"I said I don’t like it [and] to celebrate goal is normal," Voráček wrote back to a fan. "[Non-celebration] is more disrespectful the [celebration]. [He] is a f---ing player though."

I guess he's trying to say a non-celly conveys a message to the opponent that scoring on them is a walk in the park.

In Bedard's defense, it's kind of all in a day's work...

It's highly doubtful he meant it as a slight to Denmark, though. Bedard isn't exactly known for his exuberant behavior on the ice. He'll also be the first to tell reporters after the game that he doesn't particularly care about individual accolades. Trying to get that kid to pat himself on the back every once in a while is like trying to teach a cow ballet. And more established members of the media than Voráček have tried.

Bedard went on to tally his fifth goal in three games on Tuesday against Austria, tying him for the tournament lead. That lamp-lighter was even cooler than the two he scored on Sunday. Still, he offered no celly.

That said, Bedard did have some sweet goal celebrations throughout his Calder-worthy rookie campaign in the NHL this past season.

We'll have to keep an eye out for how Bedard reacts to any goals in Canada's game against Norway on Thursday.

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