Broad Street Run 2024: Tens of thousands cross finish line for Philly's annual race

PHILADELPHIA - "Congratulations on completing the 2024 Broad Street Run!"

A moment of celebration for thousands of runners as they crossed the finish line to complete Philadelphia's 45th annual Broad Street Run on Sunday.

Wet roads were no match for more than 40,000 runners ages 8 to 92, who came from all over the country to lace up their sneakers for the fastest and largest 10-mile running course in the nation.

"Good weather, bad weather we’re here!" one runner said. "Makes me cry. It’s absolutely beautiful! Welcome to Philly - this is what Philly is all about!"

Hosted by the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation, it starts north at Broad and Fisher and ends at the Navy Yard.

The run kicked off at 7:30 a.m. and saw the first runner cross the finish line just 47 minutes later!

2024 winners

Male overall

  • Kevin McDonnell: 47:32:32

  • Zack Holden: 47:44:12

  • Owen Ritz: 48:06:67

Female overall

  • Amber Zimmerman: 52:51:16

  • Regan Rome: 54:52:87

  • Elizabeth Chikotas: 55:12:76

Overall non-binary

  • Winter Parts: 52:38:10

  • Josh Fernandez: 55:32:91

  • Will Newman: 56:04:99

FOX 29's Ellen Kolodziej was live at the finish line for some incredible moments, from first-time runners to one woman who just completed her 40th run!

"That very first year I was so young I had no idea," Jane Cordero said. "They sent me a medal in the mail because I didn’t even know I had won something, but it’s been great, so glad to be healthy enough to keep doing it!"

But Jane was far from the oldest runner on the course!

Herbert Thal is 92 years old, and is hanging up his running shoes after 11 years.

"As Tom Brady said, I’m retiring!"