Broad Street Run 2024: Runners arrive as city prepares for iconic run

PHILADELPHIA - Preparations are underway in Philadelphia as tens of thousands of runners will lace up their sneakers and hit the pavement for the 45th annual Broad Street Run. Street sweepers were out in North Philadelphia clearing an iconic street for the iconic Philly event.

Packing into the Philadelphia Convention Center Friday were 40,000 runners picking up their bibs for Sunday’s race.

"I am taking one for the team by saving everyone from the craziness of the Expo and picking up everyone’s Broad Street bibs. We got 35 today!" runner Skyler Marcoux said.

Frank Janice, from Hatboro, is running in his 33rd consecutive Broad Street run. Although the forecast is for rain Sunday morning, he doesn’t seem to mind. "I think it’s just the camaraderie and all the fans along Broad Street. It’s like a party."

It’s billed as the fastest and largest 10-mile running course in the nation. Hosted by the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation, it starts north at Broad and Fisher and ends at the Navy Yard. The oldest runner is 92 years old, the youngest is 8. It showcases the city’s diversity by the neighborhoods it runs through.

"We get 40,000 people from all across the country to come here and run down Broad Street to see Temple, to see City Hall, to see FDR Park and our sports pavilions," Parks and Rec Commissioner Susan Slawson stated.

For longtime runner, Julia Denlinger, this is her first Broad Street Run. After two hip surgeries, she’s made this race a personal goal. "People in Philly love Philly, so I want to know what’s that like. I’m really excited to go out and run this race. For me, it’s not about being the fastest, it’s about finishing and having a good time."